Steves Bio

 Steve Breese started his musical career off playing the drums at the age of 5 on coffee cans and plastic lids that he collected from his folks, and a set of pencils. By the age of twelve his mother told him she would buy him a set of used drums if he could play them. He sat down, grabbed the sticks and played "Wipe Out " exactly like the record.(She  purchased the drums) He played his first drum solo in a high school talent contest and took second place for playing the drum track to "Hawaii Five-O". He played to all the records he could get his hands on, and for hours he would learn every chop that those guys would do. He was once known as one of the best drummers in Iowa.Then in 1976 the 21 year old self - taught drummer met Jim Hildman, a man who loved that old time Rock n Roll as much as Steve did, and together they started a 50's/60's band called, "The Chosen Few". For several years they rocked Des Moines with the great sounds of 50's/60's music. In 1981 Steve then decided to move on in his musical career to play bass in a country band where he met and married Judi his wife. Steve then formed a southern gospel trio group called,"The Gloryland Trio" with his two sisters. The Gloryland Trio performed with, The Spears, Homeward Bond, Majesty Quartet, Lanny Wolf and Geron Davis (Writer of Holyground). They recorded five Cd's and toured all over Iowa, Utah, California, Louisiana and many more. In June of 2007 Steve decided to form another band which he named after his 1963 Buick "The Rivieras". Nervous and unsure how the people would except the old time music, The Rivieras decided to give it a try. To their surprise the band started to create quite a following and has steadily grown ever since. After five years of Rockin and Rollin, he was blessed with the opportunity to have his son, Skylar Breese, play the drums for him. He loves the band and all the fans that follow him in his musical career. Steve was quoted to say,"I hope someday my sons will continue the band when I am unable to perform anymore, it would be a shame to see this great music fade away". He is always so appreciative of his band members and has alway said, " We ALL make this band what it is". Steve love's to entertain everyone and does it from his heart. He love's God, his family and good old rock n roll.

Skylars Bio

 Skylar Breese following right in his dads footsteps at the age of two started banging on pots and pans and anything he could get his little hands on. He grew up listening  to all kinds of music from 50's to modern day music. Skylar started off his musical career in concert band at Merrill Middle School and continued all through High School. At the age of 15 Skylar began playing with a contemporary worship band called United. The United band was doing very well and was invited to compete at a National Fine Arts festival in Detroit, Michigan; where they placed third in the nation. They also competed in Orlando, Fl in 2013 . At the age of 16 he joined his school jazz band and drumline, which broadened his range of ability and talents. In 2012 Skylar was then called on urgently to play a wedding one hour before show time with The Rivieras. The band and the fans were so impressed with his musical ability that his dad asked him to become the permanent member of the band. Skylar has since then, taken his drumming profession to a new level of perfection and has played at multiple venues such as The Val Air, Resorts and City Celebrations and has been asked to fill in with other bands in between gigs with The Rivieras. Fans enjoy his enthusiasm and excitement he brings to the band and he loves to perform for everyone.